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Strongbox has a couple of features that help to avoid "ripping" or "slurping", where someone will use automated software to spider your protected members' area, downloading everything they can in one night. One built in feature which is already active is that Strongbox will only allow them to download your protected pages and other protected media using the same browser that they logged in with. They are not allowed to login using Firefox, for example, and then use some ripping software to start downloading all of your images and videos. (Most download managers that activate when a specific link is clicked in the browser are supported, however.)

Additionally, Strongbox includes a simple "anti-slurp" CGI script which detects attempts to automatically download a large amount of your content by spidering your members' pages. When such automated ripping software is detected the user's session is ended and they cannot download any more without manually logging in through the download page. This script works from hidden links you can place in your pages which will only be hit by site rippers. To use this anti-slurp script, you need to cut and paste this code into some of your pages:

  <a href="picslurp.jpg"></a><a href="galleryslurp.html"></a>

Paste that into the html of your main members' page and some of your galleries, near the top of the file. If your site html is generated by a script, you may be able to paste the above html into the header used by the script to generate all pages.

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