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Stronbox website will be moving to https://www.comglobalit.com/en/strongbox/ in the next weeks Clonebox website will be moving to Clonebox.net

NOTE: If other, similarly named sites exist with the difference in site name being a prefix (ex: join.mysite.com or trial.mysite.com) to the site to be protected (ex: mysite.com), to prevent these "prefixed" sites from being encompassed by the catch-all wildcard, rather than:

     ServerAlias *.mysite.com

Please use this instead:

     ServerAlias sb*.mysite.com

This will preserve the domains with the special prefixes so they still direct people to the correct pages.

See more information at https://www.bettercgi.com/strongbox/usage_requirements.html#wildcard

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Last edited 2013-03-30 10:16 pm