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When the credit card processor's script breaks there are a few common problems (none of them directly caused by Strongbox) that you may face, for example some of your users (specially new ones) may not be able to login to your site if the processor script is removed or is unable to modify to your password files or databases. In those cases Strongbox will be just the messenger of an external problem, but not the cause of it.

Common Causes

Wrong Script Location / File not found (HTTP error 404)

  • Check if the location of the script is correct.
  • Ensure you have working backups (Do you know about Clonebox?).

Wrong Password file location

If you have recently moved to a new server or added a new disk the path to the password file may have changed. Ask your server admin to help you set the correct path within your credit card processor's script.

Wrong permissions (commonly HTTP errors 403 or 500)

First, make sure that the permissions on the password file are correct. They usually should be 666 (rw-rw-rw-). With CCBill, the actual script they use to manage the password file is the file with the long random name ending in .cgi. It should should be chmod 755 (rwxr-xr-x). Also the directory it's in and the cgi-bin/ directory should be 755.

Further Support

After checking for the above problems, if you are not able to get it fixed feel free to contact us. Please let us know what you've done to try to resolve the problem, what site you're talking about, and provide FTP information. Note that an error from the credit card processor's script is not Strongbox related, so a support fee may be charged. See our Support policy at

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