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CloneBox The next generation in disaster prevention


Clonebox provides the best possible protection for your sites at a much lower cost than maintaining a typical spare server in a separate data center. Your investment in Clonebox depends on how much space is required to back up your server, ie. the amount of content you have. Most servers are less than 200GB, but if you have several hundred GBs of content you can estimate that the operating system uses about 20GB more.

We can provide either the full Clonebox hot spare system which can immediately take over should there be any problem with your server, or a standard rolling incremental backup which will protect you from any catastrophic failure. The standard Clonebox hot spare server is $30 / month including 200GB, $9 per additional 100GB. The file backup plan is is $8 / month including 50GB of space and $5 per additional 50GB of disk space. Use the calculator below to see the cost of each.

Miscellaneous services and charges related to restore.