Tutorials - Uploading Strong User Names to CCBill

This tutorial shows how to use our strong password generator to generate upload a list of strong passwords from our password generator to CCBill and if desired set CCBill to use an altered script that encrypts the passwords with a strong algorithm such as salted MD5. The password generator page gives some information about why you'd want to do this. After generating your password list, log into CCBill to upload them.

  1. Click on Tools, then Account Maintenance
  2. Choose Account Admin
  3. Select the site
  4. Click User Management
  5. If you have our modified CCBill script to use strong encryption,
    set the encryption type in CCBill to None and set the User
    Management URL to use the new "ccbill_anycrypt.cgi".
  6. Scroll down to Username Type and set it to Stored,
    then click the update button at the bottom of the page.
  7. Back on the User Management page again, click Upload Usernames
  8. Click Browse to select the file you saved from the password generator,
    then click the Upload button.
  9. Your site is now using the strong passwords.
    You can test them by Reports, then Members, then Active Members...
  10. Using Manual Add, enter a new user name and password...
    (may appear in new window)
  11. The user and pass added will not be what you entered,
    but will instead by chosen from the uploaded list.
    You can then try logging in to your site using the user name
    and password CCBill issues you.
  12. NOTE: You may have to Refresh your forms in the CCBill admin
    to remove the username & password boxes on your join page.