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Strongbox References and Testimonials

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I have been using Strongbox on sites now for several years and have found it effective, secure and economical to purchase. Support from the staff, though seldom needed, has been very helpful and, because it also includes an annual upgrade to the software, the support contract is well worth the money. StrongBox is an effective product that I recommend to all my clients who need cost-effective protection for members areas.
A.J., AegeanSoft Web Publishing

I have recommended the StrongBox system to several clients to help protect their sites against password sharing and other attack vectors. All have reported their satisfaction with the system."
Andrew J., Owner, Retiarius Internet Design

I can say without hesitation that it is a rare pleasure in any kind of business these days to encounter people who have such a thorough knowledge of the product and service they sell, and who also listen carefully and respond intelligently to the specific needs of their customers."
Aristide Jean-Baptiste, Webmaster,

On the morning of January 14, 2010, in a timespan of about 3 minutes JustNips.Com had a brute force attack of 930 hacks trying to guess passwords & usernames. Thanks to Strongbox, not a single one of these got access. I feel like I have the protection of Fort Knox for my site & I am able to keep my bandwidth usage 100% for loyal paying members. And that's how it should be!"
We encourage you to search your favorite webmaster boards to see what people say about "Ray" and "the Strongbox Security Systemtm", but here's a few posts to get you started:

...and from those who DON'T like Strongbox...

Dear sir-

I've been surfing the net for years, picking up passes to sites and abusing the heck out of them. But I just quit when I see the Strongbox login interface. I've never once been able to hack it. I don't even waste my time.

Stop your good work, please....

-- cheap guy who refuses to pay for web content.
<email address removed for privacy reasons>