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Company Support Policy

Effective February 4, 2013:

The Preferred Customer Support Agreement is offered at the following rate:

  • Add Yearly Support: $99/year/site (valid Strongbox license required)

How to Purchase:

To purchase the Preferred Customer Support Agreement for any or all of your sites, please submit payment of $99/site/year using:
  • Paypal

How much is support without coverage?

  • $50/hour, $25 minimum

For sites without any valid support coverage, requests will be invoiced at our labor rates of $50/hour, 15 min minimum, per-request / per-site.
  Note: We have priced the Support Coverage at such an economical value that its intent is to be something of an "insurance policy". Should we receive a request for support on a site without any valid coverage, that request will be invoiced at our published labor rates above. At that time, it is up to the webmaster or site owner if they would like to purchase the Support Coverage to prevent being invoiced for *future* support requests. Purchasing Coverage when support is needed will not eliminate the invoicing of the requested support.

Pricing Options

What's included in the Preferred Customer Agreement?

  • *One* free update/reinstallation of a product currently installed on your site.
  • The Preferred Customer Support Agreement covers your site for most product-related general support issues.
  • We have put a great deal of effort into our Online Owner's Manuals and humbly request that you please look for the answers to questions you may have there before contacting us for assistance:
  • In the interest of providing comprehensive, quality customer support, in the past we have often provided assistance with products and/or services that we did not sell/install. Due to the increasing demand for support of our own products and services, we regret we will no longer be able to provide such assistance.

    Please note that having happy/satisfied customers with sites that function correctly is extremely important to us and while we are still very willing to assist our customers as much as possible, any extensive support requested or required on a site, or requests for support on sites with no support coverage at all will be invoiced at our labor rates of noted above.

    The Preferred Customer Annual Support Agreement applies to sites protected by Strongbox 4.X and older. With the introduction of Strongbox 5.0, this Agreement is no longer offered. We will still honor any existing Agreements of this type purchased before July 1, 2012, but we will not be offering any renewals of the OLD Annual Agreement type nor are we offering the option to purchase that Agreement type any longer.

    We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this potentially sensitive matter. If you have any questions or would like clarification regarding anything on this page, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you.