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Stronbox website will be moving to https://www.comglobalit.com/en/strongbox/ in the next weeks Clonebox website will be moving to Clonebox.net

Strongbox 5.0: Now available!!

Screenshot of Face Turing test or CAPTCHA

Strongbox security system™ 5.0, the most advanced protection system for your web site, is now available!

The Strongbox security system™ protects your web business from stolen passwords, password sharing, brute force attacks, and site rippers who post stolen copies of your site.

Major New Features

  • FaceTuring, forget frustrating text-based CAPTCHAs
  • Verified users skip the CAPTCHA entirely - on click login
  • Lightbox style log in overlay option
  • Easy page theming to match your site
  • More Wordpress integration Plugins
  • Advanced "fakes" fool attackers for better security
  • Many others

Click here to order now!

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